Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Coyote Finds A Haven in Downtown Chicago Sandwich Shop

I could not believe this when my sister told me - I had to seek out a video. Apparently about ten coyotes are year are captured in downtown Chicago. What was he doing before he ran into the sub shop? Riding the 'L' through the loop? Taking in a Cubs game? Looking for the old Marshal Fields?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jen! I learned a lot about coyotes this week; turns out they hop on open box cars when trains are stopped, but won't jump off when it begins to move and next they know, they have landed in the train yard downtown, which is enormous and I am sure there are many coyotes living down there and eating rats and we never hear about it until one wanders into Grant Park, Central Station or a local sub shop. Crazy, huh? LA also has a problem with coyotes; they come out of the hills and eat house pets. I suppose they aren't too big a problem in the Bay area. Julianne