Thursday, April 5, 2007

Why I left Vox

As many of you know I started a blog on to try it out. It seemed interesting, great interface, and a cool ability to control each post and who reads it. You can limit readership by post so if I wanted to post my travel schedule for my family I could limit it to those people. As time went on I noticed the ads on VOX and I was not getting paid for those adds. I couldn't figure out how to control the RSS feed, add the bookmarking feature, etc. I have been working on a blog in blogger and find it easy to use with more features . . . so I made the switch.

The idea of this one-way method of communication is intriguing to me. It is like having friends with no social commitment. The older I get the more social settings can stress me out. Maybe it is because I love work so much!

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